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software shouldn’t be complex! say goodbye to complexity and say hello to simplicity with aI manager.

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Get a bird's eye view of your shop


Our web-based software gives you access to real-time dashboards and report to help you know what is happening in your shop. AI Manager tracks everything from technician time, parts ordering, customer texting, inventory management and more.

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Run your shop smoothly

 AI Manager focuses on providing everything for you in one place to save time. Through live chat, you connect with your customers. To communicate with customers via text and email, you can use built-in tools.    

All the information you need on your finger tips

We aim to provide world-class customer service with our built-in communication tools. Technician time-tracking, inventory management, and anything you need is available at our website. You can share high-level business metrics with executives with our out-of-the-box and customizable reports. Our dashboards also allow you to dig into more granular metrics for your team

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AI Manager is all you need for your shop


With our powerful business management, we understand your business. With our amazing software of business management, you can track profitability, customer aging, fleet performance, and technician efficiency. They also help to answer questions with text or phone text. With our full database encryption and automatic backups, we protect your information.

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All you need to run your shop smoothly

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